Add Standard Shifts

A standard event is an event that will be reused several times. Name is fixed as well as Start time and End time. This could e.g. be a Day Shift, Evening shift or any other recurring event that has a fixed start and end time.


Before using NightShift you should start by creating all the standard events you expect to be using. Then entering your Shift plan from the Duty Roster becomes much easier.


From the Month View you tap the "Events" button in the lower right corner. This brings you to the "Events" view. Here you can see all your standard events. To Add a new Event tap the "+" in the upper right corner. Now enter "Event Title", "Start Time", "End Time" and Color. Remember to push "Set" to save each of your settings.


When your Event is ready push "Done" in the upper right corner. Now you can see your new event in the list of Events.


Push "NightShift" to return to calendar view.


See instruction video